God Doesn’t Lie

You have a signed contract and yet somehow the contractor managed to put something in small print that you missed and the contract isn’t even worth the paper that it was printed on. You kept your end of the bargain but the other person didn’t. You bought a rather expensive new television and paid extra for the warranty. Then when it stops working, you blissfully go to the store to exchange it for the new one that was promised. But the small print says that you have to pay a certain amount of money that you never realized was an additional fee. And perhaps the worst offense: you are married for over two decades when your husband who made a covenant with you to love you forever tells you that he has “fallen out of love with you” and is leaving you for his best friend. Heartbroken and in total despair, you try to take your own life. (This latter event actually occurred to my best friend.) Promises made, promises broken. But there is One whose promises you can always, always count on.

Mankind will generally disappoint you at some time in your life, but don’t let the fallible and sinful world turn you away from the unfathomable love of a perfect God who always keeps His promises. Always!

Have a blessed and wonderful day as you ponder all of God’s promises, especially the fact that He is always there for you.


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