Give Each Other Grace

We all want God to extend His grace to us, but when it’s time to extend that same grace to others, oftentimes we fall short. According to the dictionary, grace is unmerited or undeserved favor. Every day that I wake up, God extends grace to me. He gives me grace just to get though the day and to make good choices. He treats me like a favorite child. And then I come across a person who irritates me and I avoid them or cut them off in mid-sentence or treat them like they annoy me (because they do). I think of all of the times that I must have annoyed God yet not once did He withdraw His presence from me and turn away. I am ashamed to say that I need to practice more extending grace to others.

We need to practice the art of patience with each other. We are all works in progress, so we need to show each other love, humility and gentleness. There is a world of people out there waiting like sharks to devour us and to belittle us and our faith. We need to support each other, give each other the time needed to show encouragement, uplifting each other so that we can survive what the world and the enemy throws at us.

May you take these words to heart and be a blessing to someone today who needs a kind word.


5 thoughts on “Give Each Other Grace

  1. Amen! In terms of His grace, our Father sets the highest example. He expects us to follow through in sharing grace with others during our daily walk of faith. When we do, we receive far more than we give.


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