Even There…Everywhere

When this was the daily verse yesterday, I was a little disconcerted that it seemed to take out part of the verse, so I went back and read the whole chapter. Yes, there were missing parts, but the verse that God had me focus on is this one, especially the words, “even there.” Where is that place that is called “even there”? It differs for different people depending on your current circumstances. It can be the nursing home that your family has place you into, it can be the infusion center where you are receiving treatment for cancer, it can be in the homes of your grandchildren whom you are visiting. When God is a daily part of your life, “even there” is everywhere you are and many times, God shows up to bless you when you least expect it. God is always present but sometimes our faith takes a walk and we need to catch up to it. This past week when I got the news from my cardiologist about all the testing I have to do, I must confess that I was not in a good place. I was feeling stressed and the pressure to “just be okay” in spite of all of the warning signs that perhaps I need some kind of medical intervention. Through this verse, God spoke to my heart clearly and told me that He will be with me through these tests and even when I get the results. I am not a patient person when it comes to health issues, so waiting over a month to get all of the tests completed and the results seems like a long time to me. However, God is there even in the waiting. I am so thankful for this “even there” verse because it reminds me that there is no place I can go and nothing I can go through in which God is not right there beside me, strengthening me and supporting me, giving me the comfort that I need just when I need it.

Wherever your “even there” is, take time today to thank God that He is everywhere present with you and has promised never to leave you. It’s a promise we can count on!

Have a blessed day wherever you are and in whatever circumstance you find yourself, confident that God is there with you!


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