Getting Everything Ready

Many of us Christians want to know when and how Jesus will return. He didn’t tell us the time or the date. In fact, He said that only the Father knows it. But He did tell us that he is getting everything ready for us.

Once everything is ready, whatever that may look like but I am sure that it will be glorious beyond our imagination, Jesus will return and bring us to be with Him.

Meanwhile, what are we to do. Jesus told us to “go and preach” and Paul repeated this admonition to his student Timothy.

We are to always be prepared to preach, to correct those in error and to encourage people with GOOD teaching. That good teaching comes directly from the Word of God. Thus, we have a job to do to get everyone ready here on earth while Jesus gets everything ready for us in Heaven. We are all playing a part in bringing God’s kingdom on earth to pass. No matter how small our role may be, God calls us to fulfill that purpose, to work until we are called home to be with Him for eternity.

May your day be blessed with fruitful encouragement and teaching of others!


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