Weapons and Our Assurance of Safety

No matter what weapon the evil one and his minions use against us, it will not succeed. We will be able to silence our accusers, and I think that will take much prayer and time with the Lord. These are benefits only enjoyed by the Lord’s servants because He will vindicate us, removing all doubt that we are His and that He is on our side.

This is a beautiful promise from God that is a little hard to grasp unless you have ever been in battle. We do battle daily, but not on a traditional battlefield or in a traditional manner with earthly weapons. Our battles are against the prince of darkness and his weapons are fiery darts that can pierce us if we don’t consistently wear the armor that God had provided for us. With our armor in place, we can go into battle, assured that the weapons of the enemy cannot harm us in any way and that in the end, the battle is totally the Lord’s.

May your day be blessed with the assurance that the battle belongs to the Lord!

3 thoughts on “Weapons and Our Assurance of Safety

  1. I’ve heard, read, talked about, discussed, and am currently reading a faith-based spy novel on THAT very PROMISE in God’s Word!

    WHAT a confirmation you share, dear sister!


    Blessings all over your day!


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