Write This Down

I don’t know about you but when I was in school, I often heard teachers say, “Write this down.” Those who were half asleep usually perked up because they realized that what the teacher was saying would be useful information for a future test or quiz. I even used similar words with my own students, drawing their attention to what I was saying so that they would not miss it.

God inspired John to write the Book of Revelation and in this verse, He specifically tells John to “Write this down.” What is God drawing our attention to? What does He not want us to miss? The fact that He is going to make everything new…everything! God is totally truthful and trustworthy and if says it, it will happen. So, when He says to “write it down” He is making sure our eyes are open, our ears are listening and that we are ready to receive an important message. We can worry and fret over all of the events in the world, over all of the godlessness of mankind and over all of the challenges we have in life. But when we read and meditate on this verse, it all becomes inconsequential. One day, God will make everything new. He said it, I believe it and I’m looking forward to that day!

Have a blessed day with your eyes fixed on the One who will make everything new!


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