Part of the Puzzle

As part of the Body of Christ, we are brought together for one common purpose: to spread the Gospel and to support each other during trials and tribulations. God did not create or ordain denominations and divisions in the body. He wants us to all get ourselves where we are supposed to be and to fulfill His purpose where He has placed us. Like a puzzle, once it fits together, it is beautiful and totally worth the time to assemble it.

Just follow the link and put the puzzle together. You will find this picture once you have finished it.

We are all part of this Body of Christ and need to work together, to get along with each other and to find what we have in common (Jesus) instead of focusing on differences.

I hope that you enjoyed the puzzle and will think about what your role is and should be in the Body where God has placed you. You matter to God and to others and we all need each other!

Have a blessed day. May it be filled with treasures from Heaven and a sense of fulfillment as you seek His purpose and walk it out.


3 thoughts on “Part of the Puzzle

  1. Amen! Vickie, thank you for the sharing the blessings of God’s Word along with the puzzle. We are each a member of God’s eternal puzzle. As the body of Christ, we aspire to see how our lives collectively fit together for His glory.


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