Spiritual Gifts

I am not writing to debate about the reality of the spiritual gifts. They are in the Bible, so I do believe that they exist. Not only that, the Holy Spirit distributes them and decides which gift (s) each person receives. We cannot go to God and demand one gift instead of another; God always has a reason for what He does.

My focus today is not on the gifts themselves but on what we are supposed to do with them. There is a story in Acts 8 about a man named Simon who wanted the same power that the apostles had, to lay hands on people so that they could receive the Holy Spirit. Simon tried to pay for the power of God. His gifts cannot be purchased but are given freely so that we can use them correctly to further His kingdom. What is the instruction given to us about how to use the gifts?

We are told to use the gifts God has given us in order to serve one another. We are not to bring attention to ourselves and expect praise. We are not to use God’s gifts to enrich ourselves or those around us. We are just to serve. No matter the gift, it is to be used to serve others. Isn’t that why Jesus came? He came to serve and showed us the supreme example of sacrifice and service. It only makes sense that if God is giving us gifts to use in the Body of Christ, the purpose of those gifts would be to serve others.

Have a blessed day, my friends. May you use whatever spiritual gifts God has given you to do the work God has planned for you to do in His Body.

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts

  1. I love your emphasis on using gifts to serve: by serving others (appropriately), we serve God.
    Mt 20.28 even as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.

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