A Saturday Blessing

Remember that God is the absolute source of all hope! I needed this today and hope that it ministers to someone else out there.

Answered prayer: my brother got a job after being unemployed for six months.

Prayer request: our daughter has a melanoma on the back of her right shoulder and is having surgery on Thursday.

Praise report: All of my heart tests came back normal with no irregularities.

Prayer request: I have to meet with a vascular specialist because my veins in my legs are leaking and causing some issues. Also, I have an MRI on my brain Tuesday. The doctors are still looking for the reason why I get light-headed and faint.

That’s it for today. Anything I can pray for you for? I will be glad to agree with you and lift you before His throne.

2 thoughts on “A Saturday Blessing

  1. There are times when I am guilty of taking my day for granted. This morning, I pray and give thanks for the blessings in my life, including a caring wife, grandchildren who fill me with youthful enthusiasm, living parents who are just a phone call away, and another day of witnessing God’s creation.

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