The Goal Is Restoration

Many Christians today think that their mission in life is to point out the sins of others and insist vocally and emphatically that the sinner needs to get back on the right track with God. Now, I am not against evangelism, but the goal is always restoration, not turning the person against God for all time. In the same way, when we see Christians sinning, we are not to get that haughty “holier than thou” attitude, being supercilious in our approach to them. Rather, the goal is restoration!

There are some really important words in this Scripture verse, most notably another believer, gently, humbly and careful. Let’s examine these words together. This verse is directed towards helping out another believer, not evangelizing and striving for new converts. It is almost impossible to get someone to follow Jesus by pointing out how sinful they are. Generally, their response is to walk away. But when talking to another believer, you should be honest about the sin you have noticed and I think what you should be pointing out is how it is affecting them mentally, physically and emotionally as well as spiritually. But you have to do this gently, with a kindness and love that only comes from the Father after many days of thoughtful prayer. Finally, you have to be careful because the temptation to sin is there for everyone, so you don’t want to fall into the trap of sin while you are trying to restore your brother to a right relationship with God.

We don’t forgive the sin; God does. We are called to forgive the person who sins, thus restoring our relationship with them just as they need to restore their relationship with God. Our relationships on earth are vertical (with God) and horizontal (with each other). Thus the cross is an excellent symbol of the restored relationships that we are supposed to always have.

It isn’t hard to see the sin in others, but it is very difficult at times to see your own shortcomings. That’s why it is imperative that you spend time in prayer, clean yourself up from your own sins and then, when God tells you the timing is right, approach your fellow Christian in humble love and tell them what you see happening. Remember that the goal is restoration, not to chase them farther away from God!

2 thoughts on “The Goal Is Restoration

  1. Sometimes, when confronted with a sin or shortcoming, the other person quickly points out a sin or shortcoming in our own lives. That’s when a humble heart really has to come into play! It’s also when we must call out to God for His wisdom and discernment, to keep the conversation on track.
    Good post!

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