Encourage Each Other

The Holy Bible exhorts us to encourage each other in multiple verses. Here are a couple of them.

We can encourage each other that Christ has preceded us in death and is waiting for us in Heaven. So, we should be encouraging each other to keep on working for Him and His kingdom, to continue to stand for what is right in the face of rampant evil and to defend our faith when others mock or scoff at our beliefs.

No one except God Himself knows when Jesus is returning. But we do have the promise that He is, so we need to meet with other believers and encourage each other that Jesus’s return is a fact, not a myth as some would have us believe. It will happen! We may or may not live to see His return, but His return will occur in God’s time and that truth should encourage each of us and lead us to encourage others.

We aren’t just on this earth to form a little clique of believers, encouraging each other and separating ourselves from the ungodly until Jesus comes. We are in the world to serve others, just as Jesus did. Being kind and encouraging others should be a way of life, especially for the Christian. You may be the only “Jesus” that that other person ever sees, so show someone you care by taking the time to be present with them and be the one that they can talk to, hold on to and depend on. Encourage the unbelievers, too.

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