An HD Life

Some of us have been saved for many years but we are still not claiming all that is ours and living as if we have eternal life awaiting us. We trudge through life’s daily struggles and challenges, complaining some and wishing for the day to be over. Why are we doing that? I think that it’s because we were meant to have an HD (high definition) life and we are still using rabbit ears and getting a fuzzy picture.

When I was young, we had rabbit ears on the television in our den. We could see the picture on some channels better than on others and the picture came in better at nighttime than during the day. Then, we progressed and my dad put an antenna on the roof, with a little box on top of the TV that controlled it. That brought a much clearer and more stable picture, unless the antenna was being moved around a lot by wind or a storm. The picture was still in black and white but we could see Lucy, Desi and Lawrence Welk much more clearly.

A couple of years ago, our television that was a huge box suddenly quit working. It was old but we couldn’t afford a new one while it still functioned, and as long as it worked, we were okay with it. Sometimes the picture wasn’t as great as the ones we had seen at our children’s houses, but we just wanted a TV that would work so we could enjoy news and a few shows together. When it quit, I was upset but not desolate by any means. However, my generous brother decided to gift me with a new HD smart TV for my birthday. We couldn’t stream shows because we were on satellite at the time, but the picture that the TV has is amazing! Clarity, brightness and just really looks like the people can step off the screen into the den with us. A few months ago we got a fiber connection out here in the woods (amazing to me) and now we can stream. (I love the Pure Flix channel, by the way. Lots of movies about faith and all totally clean shows.) Streaming is like having a direct connection to God. Did you know that is exactly what we have? We can talk to Him anytime, anywhere and about anything. Jesus made that possible as part of our HD life.

We have been gifted with an HD life when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He has a plan for us, a purpose for us to fulfill. But we have to tune in to that HD life and stop living like we still get fuzzy pictures with rabbit ears. We can only tune in when we stay focused on His Word and listen to His voice as we spend time with Him. It does us no good to have an HD receiver and not to plug it in!

We need to start living like we have a promise from God for eternal life and a destiny to fulfill in Him!

Our connection to God is through His Only Son Jesus who died for us. Our HD life starts with accepting His sacrifice for us.

Like I said, some of us are still using rabbit ears and God has provided an HD life for us. Fuzzy picture in black and white or color, clarity and fulfillment? Not a hard choice, is it?

So, choose the HD Life…let God help you to be all He created you to be. Shine in a beautiful array of color into a world that is living in fuzzy, gray areas without purpose or a sense of direction. I choose the HD life that God wants me to have…filled to the brim and abundantly living for Him.

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