Watching Over Me

When I was a new mother, I found myself frequently just sitting and watching my new baby breathe, assuring myself that she was indeed okay. As she grew, I continued to watch over her, guiding her away from cars that she didn’t notice or other possible dangers. Now my children have all arrived safely at adulthood and no longer live close to me so I cannot watch over them as I once did. However, my prayers go with them wherever they are and Someone much more capable than I am watches over them and over me.

God is always watching, always attentive to what is happening in our lives. He knows when our hearts need to be strengthened and when we need encouragement and He sends it, at just the right time. It may be a call from a friend or a note from someone new. This week, after months of medical tests and no real answers, I got an Encouragement Card from a new online friend. With a poem that is meaningful and scripture verses encouraging me to persevere. How did Sara know that I needed this? Because God is watching and He whispered to her heart.

We need to be as attentive to others and their needs as God is to us and our needs. We need to listen carefully when He calls. He may not be sending an answer to our prayer, but He may want to use us to help answer the prayers of someone else. Fully committed to God? Yes, with all of my heart and mind and soul! And I know without a doubt that He is watching over me, saw my discouragement and decided I needed a push back into positivity. Sometimes I encourage others and sometimes others encourage me. That’s how this Christian walk of faith works. God is leading and we follow His lead.

Watching Over Me-Jason Upton

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