Are We Listening?

I think that God speaks to His people. Perhaps His words are not audible, but His message is. For me, He speaks to my heart when I am sitting quietly, especially when I need comfort or encouragement. He speaks through the words in the Holy Bible and He speaks to me through praise music that I have heard and that is in my heart. He tells me about His love for me and consistently tells me that all will be okay.

I was in the office of my retina eye specialist on Friday, waiting for his diagnosis of how the macular degeneration that started last year is my left eye is progressing. I confess that I was feeling anxious about what he would tell me, so I started to pray and asked for God to be very near me no matter what the diagnosis was. Then, a song came to my mind that I had not sung or heard in a very long time. “Thank you, Lord, for saving me.” From that song, I started singing to myself, “How Great Is Our God.” Those songs calmed my fears and helped me to put everything into God’s very capable hands. He spoke “peace” to my heart through songs from many years ago. I recognized that it was God speaking to me and thanked Him for His love and the calm spirit with which He filled me. When the doctor came in, I was expecting bad news, but the news was good. No change in my eyes at all! The macular is still only a trace in my left eye and nothing in my right eye. Good news, even after all the fear and anxiety that seemed to be preparing me for the worst. God was preparing me for the best news and giving me worship songs to Him before I even had the report from the doctor!

This morning during my worship and devotional time, I was reminded that God used to walk and talk with Adam and Eve. It was a common thing for them before their exile from the Garden. One of the consequences of their sin was separation from God. Jesus gave us the path back to God and a relationship with Him, but because of the fall of mankind, we have to listen carefully to hear God speak and to be ready for Him messages to us.

When Samuel was only a small child, the Lord audibly called to him. His reply should be what our response is to God every day. We have to be ready to listen in order for God to speak to us. Sometimes we are so busy, with lives cluttered with busyness, that we may be vaguely aware that God is saying something to direct us. But we are so focused, so intent on doing what we want to do, that we don’t pay attention and miss the opportunity to hear God’s instructions for us. It would be good for each of us to just sit quietly for a while each day and tell God to speak because we are listening. Not too busy. Not too distracted. Just ready to listen to our Creator and our Father, the One who will guide our steps if we will take time to listen and then follow His words to us.

4 thoughts on “Are We Listening?

  1. Vickie, thank you for sharing your good news from your eye exam. God remains close to us, and His presence encourages us to listen intently to His Word. The Scripture verses you used are excellent reminders.

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