Priorities Change

As I have gotten older, I have watched as if I am a spectator as my priorities have been changing.  As a young wife, my priority was to have a nice home and be there for my husband when he came home from sea.  As a young mother, my priority was always my children, keeping them safe and as happy as possible in a home that was very mobile because of constant military moves.  As a middle-aged wife, my priority shifted to my career because I could see that the children were growing up and would soon leave the nest that I had prepared for them.  Now, as one of the elderly grandparents, my priority is once again my husband, and oh, how I long for a home! I guess that has been the cry of my heart for all of these years, as we moved from state to state and from military quarters to military quarters.  We finally got a home in the 90’s in Pennsylvania, but I couldn’t get a teaching job there because I was over-qualified with a Master’s degree and their closed shop policy shut me out.  So, I sought employment elsewhere and left my first real home since we got married behind.  I’m still feeling unsettled and I want a real home, but God has shown me that my real home will be in Heaven, whether I have one here on earth or not.  It’s hard not to envy my friends who have a regular home that isn’t falling apart, but I think of the song “Where I Belong” by Building 429 and the lyrics remind me that I’m not really where I belong yet.  So, I guess my new priority is just to persevere until I get to the real home in Heaven that God has prepared for me.  Disappointed not to have one on earth?  Yes, of course!  But I am blessed with three healthy children and eight grandchildren, and with a husband who takes care of me even when I am cranky and envious.  I look at what happened in Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas and I am thankful that God was merciful to us here in Virginia.  And I know that I should work on getting my priorities more in line with God’s.

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