Review of THE BREAKDOWN by B.A. Paris

The latest psychological thriller by B.A. Paris was not as enthralling as her first novel (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS) but this one was good enough to keep me reading late at night until I was able to finish it. Cass is on her way home from a meeting on a rainy night and takes a short cut on a dark, wooded road when she sees a car broken down on the side of the road. She stops briefly, waiting to see if the driver will respond and come seek her help, but when nothing happens she drives on. The next morning, she is horrified to find out that a new friend was in that car and was murdered. She is afraid now that the murderer is stalking her. Strange things begin to happen at home. She is forgetting things like dinner engagements and buying products online. Is she suffering from early onset dementia, just as her mother had? The pills she receives do nothing except make her sleep the day away so that she can’t even function. She doesn’t know who to turn to or trust, except for her best friend Rachel and her husband and he is increasingly distant. The plot is twisted and macabre and full of surprises, so I wasn’t disappointed in the end.

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