What does it mean to be “blessed” by the Lord?

97E5F6FA-D756-43B9-84D8-A6DC00BB3A7B.jpegThe last thing Jesus did before He was taken up into Heaven to be with the Father was to bless His disciples.  What does it mean to be blessed?  I have long thought, incorrectly I now believe, that to be blessed meant to have enough of everything…food, clothing, a nice car, a nice home, etc.  But I have come to realize that material possessions have nothing to do with God’s blessings.  He blesses us with His power and His Spirit so that we can be His representatives on earth to others who are hurting, to others who also need to be blessed and receive the Bread of Life.  So, my prayer for all who read this is that you receive His blessing so you can then be one to others.

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