God is my fortress and my strength!

D6ECE930-A32C-4979-AE87-0D3049175A12.jpegImagine an immovable mountain placed in front of you, between you and your enemies, anyone or anything that wants to harm you.  That is my vision of God and how He takes care of me.  He places himself between me and those things or people that would harm me so that nothing can get to me.  Remember when you were young and you hid under a blanket, thinking no one could see you?  God is our blanket of protection.  Our enemies may be able to see us and are always trying to attack us, but God is our hiding place.  He is also our strength.  Sometimes, I feel so tired and weak…the after effects of having a stroke and also the effect of aging.  But God daily gives me the strength I need to get through the day.  He is good!  He is worthy to be praised!  God is my fortress and my strength!  Who is yours?

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