The Light of the World

0667057E-2E71-4532-8895-34CDB2C4E60F.jpegJesus said that He is the Light of the World and those of us who follow him will walk in the light of life.  What does that mean? I hate walking into a totally dark room, even though it’s my home and I know where everything is.  I stil hesitate when going into a dark room and quickly reach for the light switch.  This is an analogy for the darkness in our world.  Jesus left us to be a light to the world, and people who are in the darkness are reaching for the light that we have within us.  It is up to us to tell others about the good news of Jesus so that they, too, can share in this light and no longer fear the darkness.  The worst darkness is death, eternal separation from God for those who don’t know Jesus as Lord. If we want to help others escape that eternal darkness, we have to share the light.  Then our light spreads to others, and their light spreads to others and the darkness is dispelled.  Dispel the darkness; be the light in the world that Jesus left you to be!

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