Crucified with Christ


What 54FA7275-2F4C-4ABA-AE9F-FD02EE7EB322.jpegWhat does it mean to be crucified with Christ?  Honestly, I think that each Christian needs to answer this question in their own minds and hearts.  For me, it means that I  do a devotional each morning, reading God’s word and praying so I can start my day getting closer to the One who created me.  It also means that I ask God each day and throughout the day what He wants me to accomplish that day.  It means always being in an attitude of prayer so that I am always in contact with my Heavenly Father.  It means that I am Jesus’s hands and feet left on this earth to complete His mission, so I am to tell others about Him anytime I can.  It means that my needs are less important (not important at all, really) than the needs of God’s Kingdom.  It means that I am dying so that Jesus can shine forth in my light. It means that whatever small glory or praise comes my way goes straight to the Father; I thank Him for all that I am and all that I will be and do.   My prayer is that when people see me, they will get a small glimpse of what Jesus was like.  What is your prayer?  Are you being crucified with Christ?

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