Learn from Criticism

A4E73325-56FB-4831-A34B-E3A0F62D9943.jpegNo one likes to be criticized, but let’s face it.  None of us is perfect, so sometimes criticism is necessary and can be helpful.  Accepting criticism is a way to change the wrong way that you are going, start on a new path and do better.  That’s why I think the Scripture says that you will be honored.  You change the wrong path, start a new and better path and your whole life changes for the better.  But, don’t just accept all criticism at face value and immediately decide that you must change.  You accept Godly counsel after prayer and change as God directs you.  You can’t go wrong when you are following the Lord!  Do you read the Bible daily and look for ways that God is speaking to your heart and working on you to make you a better person?

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