Taking Care of Family

I live in a world of non-believers, and I would guess that is the condition of many.  But one of the most difficult things about being a Christian is to have family members who do not believe and who actually scoff at my belief.  But God’s Word says to “live wisely.”  So, I try to be a good example, taking a lot of verbal abuse and not replying.  I note that during His crucifixion, in the throes of his agony, Jesus took time to care for his mother, whom He saw in the crowd.  We, as believers, need to notice those of our family in the crowd and do our best to take care of their needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Is this an easy task?  Of course not!  But neither was going to the cross to die for us.  If Jesus could look down from the cross and take care of family, then I can do whatever it takes to have a relationship that helps my unsaved family members get closer to the Lord.  I think that is what He would want me to do.  Are you in touch with your family members, even those who can be difficult or hurtful?  You can’t affect those you don’t contact.  Call or reach out to a loved one today, just to be like Jesus.  Show that you care.

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