Depend on God for Love and Wisdom

If we can just remember that God is the source of all love and wisdom, then we can face any of life’s battles with His grace and peace.   The Lord is good, even though all around you seems to be changing, and not always in a good way.  God’s love does not change, even though our circumstances do and will continue to do so.  First, we must seek His wisdom, found in knowing Him.  We get to know Him by studying His Word and meditating on it.  Then we can arrive at a place of peace wherein we say to ourselves that no matter what happens, God is love and He is good, always and in all ways. Recently, I have faced the serious illness of some friends from church, and this not long after my best friend succumbed to a long illness complicated by diabetes.  Like many, I want to question God about all this…but I go back to knowing that He is Lord and He knows what He is doing.  I trust Him because He is wise and loving, and He holds my beloved friends in His hands.  It is only be spending time with Him daily that I can trust Him so completely. Do you trust Him, no matter what happens? Do you know that He loves you and desires to give you the wisdom that you need every day for the challenges you will face?

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