God tells us to just stay calm

One of the first things Jesus told His disciples after His resurrection was, “Peace be with you.”  What kind of peace did He mean?  I think He meant the kind of peace that keeps us from falling apart in the middle of the storm that is our life.  There are so many battles that each of us fights daily.  God wants us to “stay calm” and trust Him to fight our battles for us.  Crowder has a song called “I Am” and the lyrics say that God is holding us in the middle of the storm.  I have had to take a deep breath many times and just calm myself down, telling myself, “God’s got this.  Just let it go and trust Him.”  I have so many regrets about not doing that when I was younger.  I was a very angry young wife because my husband was in the military and we moved a lot, actually twenty-five times.  Each time we moved, I had to get a new certificate to teach in that state and find a new job, and lose whatever retirement funds had been saved in the previous state, if any.  I was bitter because we didn’t have a regular home as I had always dreamed of having.  Even now when I am retired, we are living in a house that is falling apart in the middle of nowhere.  Not my dream at all!  But God has just told me to be calm…wait and let Him fight the battles.  Right now, it seems impossible to move into a regular home in a regular neighborhood.  But, surprisingly, I am not yelling and screaming with frustration over our living accommodations.  I am just waiting on the Lord to move in my life, actually content to wait for Him.  Do you have the Lord on your side?  Is He fighting your battles? Let Him speak peace into the chaos that is your daily life; then go out into the world and share the reason for your peace.

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