Our Real Hope and Future

606046CF-5B13-45BB-954D-B8F0EDA31599Do you sometimes just sigh and wonder if all that happens on earth is worth going through?  There are a lot of trials and problems on earth that we often feel as Christians that we should not have to go through.  I could summarize some of the sufferings of the apostles for you so that you know this suffering thing is not new.  Everyone goes through it, but one day God will reveal His glory to us and what a glorious day that will be!  We just have to keep or eyes on the future prize and not the present circumstances.

A23FF210-E2E4-487A-B298-8D4E516FC6FE.jpegWe are called to think about the things of Heaven that are eternal instead of the earthly things that are passing away.  I admit that this is very hard to do on a daily basis.  As soon as we awaken each day, we face challenges.  For me, the challenge is to have to sit quietly, take my blood pressure and take numerous medications every day.  That has been my routine since my stroke in 2015.  But I know that God left me here on earth for a reason so I follow the doctor’s orders and keep my eyes fixed on why God left me here and what I can do each day to serve Him.  Today, I went to the morning prayer meeting at church and then to a sing-along at the local nursing home.  The residents were thankful to have us there.  After we sang, we walked around and prayed individually with each resident.  It was a pleasure and an honor to pray with these souls who may be suffering and lonely, but they still come to the cafeteria, sing the praise songs that they remember and pray with us.  They are looking forward to Heaven and are an example for me to follow!


So what will Heaven be like?  I honestly don’t really know, except I know that the old earth and old heaven will be gone and God will create a new Heaven and earth.  Wow!  God is a creator and I can only imagine what Heaven will be like.  I am certainly looking forward to the time when God will wipe every tear from my eyes, and to a time without sorrow or pain or death.  About three years ago, my daughter was pregnant with our seventh grandchild and we were looking forward to the arriveal of little Tessa.  But at six and a half months of her pregnancy, an ultrasound was done showing that little Tessa had died in the womb.  My beloved daughter had to go through labor and delivery knowing that her baby had already died.  My husband and I left Virginia right away to be with Hope (our daughter) in Pennsylvania  and her other four children and husband.  All of them were grieving in different ways.  Little Tessa Serenity was spoken of in hushed tones.   One day, as I was walking with the youngest two children (ages four and eight at the time), Teryn (age eight) knowledgeably informed me that Tessa went to Heaven.  I agreed with her and waited for more questions or comments.  It wasn’t long before Teryn decided to let me know that since I’m old, I will get to see Tessa before she does.  Her point was that she expects me to arrive to Heaven first and wants me to hug Tessa.  I assured her that she was most likely correct and I would be happy to see little Tessa, but right now God has more on earth for us to do.  So, if an eight year old can look forward to Heaven and seeing her baby sister, how much more should we who are adults know that there is a better place to look forward to?  I should add here that Hope got pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy little girl, named Teagan Noelle since she was born at Christmastime.  Hope calls her a “rainbow baby” because she came from God as a promise.  Isn’t that beautiful?  Hope had the faith to believe that God would give her another child and God blessed her with little Teagan who is so precious to her parents and her siblings and all who know her.  She is such a pleasant and happy child that it is hard not to be happy around her.

48DDCA5E-305E-4304-8256-96CAFDDD0235So, how am I so sure that one day I will get to see Tessa?  Because I have called on the name of Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  He is the only Way to salvation, and I trust Him completely to get me through the trials of this life and when I am finished with my journey here on earth, He will take me to Heaven to be with Him.  And then I will be with Him for eternity.  If you want to know for sure that this life is not all there is, you have to ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and ask Him into your heart.  His promises are always fulfilled, so you can count on Him to forgive you, to live in your heart, to guide your steps for the rest of your life on earth, and one day, to take you to Heaven to be with Him.  Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  He loves you so much that He died for you.  Can you say a prayer asking for forgiveness so that you are assured of salvation?  God bless you for reading this lengthy post.

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