The Waters Will Come

C956977F-A81D-49DE-B2D4-F28234A8CF31.jpegGod has promised to be with us when we go through the deep waters.  The word is “when,” not “if” so our Heavenly Father knows that sometimes the waters of this life will overwhelm us, but He promises to always be with us.  If you recall the Bible story with Jesus in the boat with His disciples and a big storm came up.  Jesus was sleeping in the back of the boat, and the waves were getting bigger and frightening His followers.  When they awoke Jesus, he just said, “Peace, be still” to the wind and waves and they instantly obeyed Him.  God knows our hearts and all we are going though and He promises to be right there with us.  When I had a stroke three and a half years ago, I was frightened.  Not being able to feel the entire right side of my body and not being able to speak except in a stutter was terrifying.  The trip in the ambulance was scary; the diagnosis of a massive stroke (19 on a scale of 21, they told me) was horrifying.  But though it all, I was praying to my Heavenly Father.  When my husband arrived at the hospital, he started praying.  He called our daughter in Pennsylvania, and she started praying.  And God heard our prayers.  I had arrived at the hospital in what they called “the golden hour” so they gave me a clot-busting shot that saved my life and restored my ability to move and speak.  God is good and an ever-present help in trouble!


In the midst of the storm, no matter what that storm might be, I will keep on hoping for God’s help.  He is the only one who can help me through the overwhelming waters of life, and He is the only one who can help you.  No matter what we go through in life, our Creator God is right there with us, ready to help us when we call on His Name.  When was the last time you faced an overwhelming tide of troubles?  Did you remember to call on the name of God?  He is worthy of all praise because of who He is, but also because He is always there for us.  In the midst of our storm, He tells us to be still and wait for Him to act.  Wait for God…He will answer your prayer and take you out of the waters or He will be with you to take you through them.  God is faithful!

Visuals are courtesy of the YOU VERSION BIBLE APP.  



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