God’s Amazing Love for Us

Since God made everything, He can be trusted to take care of us, no matter what we are going through. Life is hard.  That’s a fact!  No matter how weak or incapable I feel, I have an awesome God who is only a prayer away.  Let me tell you a true story of what happened to me when I was a young mother in my twenties.  My husband and I felt called to sell everything we could and attend Youth With a Mission in New Jersey.  At the time, our daughter was only an infant, about a year old.  We really didn’t know what we were getting into, but we felt that the Lord had called us there for training.  Well, we learned a lot about the Bible and my husband was able to go on missions trips while I remained behind with the other moms with children.  This discipleship school was not really prepared to have families with children, so there were a lot of challenges.  One of them was that we needed milk for our children, and that was not available at YWAM.  So, all the parents met together one night and just laid it out before the Lord that we had young children who needed milk.  The next morning, all of us had a gallon of milk outside our doors.  No one at YWAM admitted that they provided the milk that kept coming as long as we were there.  But God knew our need and provided it.  He cares about the little details of our lives.  He is the one I can always go to, tell him exactly how I am feeling and not be turned away. God is only a prayer away, and He is never too busy to listen.  God is good, all the time.  He is the Creator of the Universe, and He cares about me.  Amazing, isn’t it?  What has our Amazing God done for you?  Please comment.  I would love to read testimonies of God’s greatness in your life.

5 thoughts on “God’s Amazing Love for Us

  1. GOD never leaves his creation alone. He knows the ants which lives in a desert, inside a rock, in a small hole.. When GOD fulfills and hears the wishes and prayer of ant then we are human – He is most proud of us when we praise him, and put our trust only with him — And do not associate partner with him..

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      1. Yes, When GOD says to Fear him, He does not means to horrify us rather he guides us to think how he created us, why he created us, What powers he have, It is not GOD who FORCE us to obey him, rather he wants us to acknowledge his love – and “Choose” the right path = Believer ❤

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