God’s Judgment and Salvation

3DDCA04B-7906-4BEE-91B7-EF080BB375B2I I have many relatives who do not believe in the judgment of God.  In fact, I am not sure that they believe in God at all.  I know that there is a God, and He is a God of mercy and grace.  But He is also a God of justice who cannot look on sin.  When I turn on the TV every morning to hear the news headlines, I am convinced that God’s judgment cannot be far away.  There is so much evil in this world that sometimes the sadness and reality of it overwhelms me.  But, there is hope, even for the wicked.

618DA412-89A4-46C0-8681-86112A382A65.jpegGod is a the God of all mercy and grace in that He sent His own Son as the sacrifice for our sins so that we don’t have to die in our sins and be separated from God forever.  I do not want to go the way of the wicked and be condemned to spend eternity in hell, away from the God who created me.  But that is the choice that some people make daily when they deny that God is the Lord and the Savior of our souls.  I do remember a time when I was living my life for myself.  I remember not having any thoughts about God or any consequences for my actions.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I was basically a “good person.”  I didn’t steal or kill or do anything so overtly bad that it would land me in a jail cell somewhere.  Nevertheless, I was a sinner.  I made selfish choices and thought only of my own happiness.  Then, I met the Lord Jesus Christ and came face to face with the sacrifice that He made so that I could have eternal life.  From that day (February 28, 1973) to this, I have striven to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and have tried to please Him.  I have failed, oh, so many times and disappointed the Lord.  But each time, I have asked for His forgiveness and He has granted me the peace in my heart that tells me that I am forgiven and loved.  I don’t like that God is going to judge the wicked because I want all to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  That is the loving Father’s desire, also.  I don’t want any of my family members to be separated from God for all eternity.  But like you, and like me, they have a choice.  They can choose to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and serve him for the rest of their lives, or they can choose to ignore the sacrifice of the Lord and face the judgment of a righteous God who has called to them for years.  One day the earth as we know it will no longer exist because the sin that came into the world by Adam will no longer be there; no more curse on the earth and on man.  God says in His Word that He will create a new Heaven and a new earth, that He will wipe all of our tears away.  I am waiting for that day with expectation but also with the fear that many loved ones will not come to know Him as they should.  I am counting on God’s mercy and grace to do what is right for every being that He has created, sharing with family as they allow me to and praying that God will put others in their paths to share the good news of Jesus’s life and death for them.   I hope that you, my reader, know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  The freedom that comes from knowing that you don’t need to fear death and that you have a friend who is a prayer away is unbelievable!  Come to the altar of the Almighty and confess that you are a sinner who needs a Savior and feel the arms of God embrace you and welcome you home, safe in His arms here on earth and for all eternity.

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