Being Still before God

6B687E3C-2C49-48BB-8C04-407D815B2948592F1EDE-D89E-481E-ACEE-F5F50613A0B3Every morning when I awaken, I do my morning chores and then I sit before the Lord and do my morning devotional.  Each morning, I am trusting God to get me through a new day.  I must confess that my mind is not always in perfect peace.  For example, we have had bad storms just about every other day here in Virginia.  Each time, the rain starts, the wind blows and the storm is raging…then our electricity goes out.  No big deal, right?  We, of course, have a generator since we live in a rural area?  Unfortunately, no!  We have never been able to afford a generator so when the electricity goes out, always just before dark, we are left to find our little electric lanterns and whatever we can eat without cooking.  Last night, when the electricity once again went out for the fourth time in less than a week, I was very frustrated and my words were not ones of trust and peace.  I declared that I was not happy that Domininon Virginia has a 100% failure rate with us.  I had told my husband at 4:00 that he needed to go ahead and get dinner ready for us early since a storm was moving in.  At 5:15, the storm began and five minutes later, the lights went out.  Minor inconvenience?  Yes, but it is is also a health risk for me because I am asthmatic and have difficulty breathing without air conditioning, especially when the humidity is so high along with the temperatures.  So, I tried to remain calm and prayed that the electricity would not be off for too long.  I wet a wash cloth with cold water from one of the many bottles that we keep filled and put it on my neck since I was feeling so hot so quickly.  Then, when that didn’t seem to work, I had my husband pour cold water on my head.  Finally, I headed to bed, after calling Domininion again and receiving a report that our electricity should be back on by midnight.  Now, where am I going with this story?  God’s power never goes out!  Revelation, huh?  He is always there and he is always trustworthy.  I don’t have to call his 800 number and listen to a recorded voice tell me once again that there is an outage in our area.  There are NO outages EVER when we call on the name of the Lord.  When I trust in Him, I can count on an answer from Him.  Sometimes, His answer is yes; sometimes, no and sometimes, wait.  But I always know that He is only a prayer away. I am doing an online Bible study with Shelia Walsh called “In the Middle of the Mess” and the second scripture comes from that study.  I found out yesterday that “Be still” in the original Hebrew means to “let go, to release” whatever you are burdened with.  Isn’t that awesome?  Just sit in God’s presence and release your burdens to Him.  That is usually easier said than done for me because I am one of those people who gives my burden to God and then as I go through my day and think on those things again, I take up the burden again.  So, I go through a process of giving Him my burden, taking it back, giving it again, etc.  You have the picture.  What God wants me to do is just release it to Him, like a helium balloon released into the air. You never expect to see it again once you let it go.  So, another hot day and another chance of storms and losing our electricity.  I’m releasing this burden to God…He is big enough to take care of it.  I may or may not lose electricity today, but whether I do or not, God can and will take care of me through the storm raging outside, just as He takes care of me during all of the storms of life.  I hope that you readers know this Almighty God who will keep you in peace while the storm is thrashing around you because you have released all things to Him:  your troubled life, your relationships, whatever burdens you have.  Have some quiet time today and release your suitcase full of problems to the Lord.   Have a blessed day, trusting in the Lord and resting in His peace.

3 thoughts on “Being Still before God

  1. Isaiah 26:3 is a scripture I meditated on 2 days ago. The process of casting our cares is a continuous one for me. Whenever I start worrying, I cast again. I realised that so long my eyes are faced on God, my heart is at peace. However once I start focusing on this world and her challenges, peace vanishes

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  2. I love so many things about this! And as an electrical lineman’s wife, oh how I know the struggle of the storms! (Though maybe from a different angle as storms usually mean my husband will be leaving without promise of when he’ll return.) I love, love, love the image of turning over our troubles to God as releasing a balloon into the sky. Perfect. I relate a lot to this and desperately needed to read it. Thank you for posting!


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