Today I am meditating on the miracles of God.  Starting with creation and moving on to the parting of the Red Sea, the birth of a Savior by a virgin, and the death and resurrection of that Savior, God has done miracles since the beginning of the ages.  But to make it more personal, what miracles has He done and is He doing in your life?  My life seems so mundane these days that I have been forgetting to look for God’s love and the miracles that are all around me.  I sit and have my cat near me.  She is a beloved companion who sits in my lap and comforts me when I am sad.  It is a miracle that I can be around a cat since I have had awful allergies my whole life.  We had a cat previously, but Misty was a “loner.”  She never wanted to cuddle and be petted; however, Daisy craves attention as much as I crave her companionship.  God has provided her for me and has taken care of my allergies so that I can cuddle her.  Seeing the sun come up each day is a miracle.  There was a time in my life when. I did not want to go on because I had had a stroke and I was so discouraged with all that I could not do.  Slowly, God restored my health and worked on my attitude.  He sent my daughter to encourage me, and He showed me that I could live with all of the restrictions that have now become part of my daily life.  A month after my stroke, my youngest son and his wife had their first child.  I remember being in ICU after my stroke and just wanting to live to see and hold the new baby of my youngest child.  God heard the cries of my heart and delivered me from that hospital, helped me though weeks of physical therapy and allowed me to see little Penny three weeks after she was born and less than two months after my stroke.  Since then, I have had the joy of welcoming two more grandchildren into my arms:  little Teagan and little Evie.  I consider each of my grandchildren a miracle, but I especially consider it miraculous that I have lived to see each of them.  God has watched over me for so long that I have begun to take it for granted.   God is a God who wants a relationship with His people; yes, He does miracles.   I remember lying in that emergency room without any feeling on my right side; I remember praying in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  I remember the percentages that the specialist gave my husband and me that the clot-busting shot would work or it could kill me.  We prayed; we took that chance believing that God could and would do a miracle, and here I am, living  to tell the story of my survival and to thank God for the miracle that is my life and the blessing that I have to spend time with my grandchildren.


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