Let God Be God

A912BF60-188B-49C6-A9F3-FB9CC066EEF2.jpegThere is no God like the God of the Bible.  He is the one true God who always keeps His promises and continues to show His love to those of us who have chosen to serve Him.  Lauren Daigle’s song says that even though the mountain is not moved or the water is not parted or the answer does not come when we cry out, I will “Trust in You.”  My beautiful granddaughters sing this lovely song and are learning at a very young age to trust in the Lord.  What happiness it gives my heart to see these young ones praying and trusting God.  When my youngest granddaughter was very ill recently and having difficulty breathing, I shared with ten year-old Teryn that Evie was very ill and was only a few weeks old.  Her immediate response was that she would pray for her.  I have no doubt that she did so because her little heart is tender towards the Lord and she knows that He will answer her prayers. I want to have the faith and trust of a little child.  Instead, I have the faith that God has instilled in me since I was in my twenties, to know that He is trustworthy and that His love will not fail me.  It is not always instant and totally trusting as that of a child like Teryn, but that is my goal for my faith in the Lord’s unfailing love.

C08D60A4-79F4-4FEA-827C-6BDB2302C4CB.jpegMy hope is in the Lord who made Heaven and earth.  I just read in I Kings 10 this morning that the great king Solomon made 500 shields out of gold.  As he married all of his pagan wives, he seemed to lose his total trust and devotion to the Lord and trusted in his own power instead.  I pray that I will never get to the point where I think that my own power or knowledge can save me from the darkness that is in our world.  I read God’s Word daily for the strength and wisdom that I find it in it.  But I also read it because I want to start each day with peace in my heart,  with the knowledge deep within me that no matter what happens that day, God is in control.  I hope that each of you reading this knows the peace that comes from knowing God’s love and peace deep within your heart.  He truly wants to be your sword and shield.  He doesn’t answer every prayer with an immediate “yes” because He is the God of the Universe, not a genie in the bottle that you wish upon and all of your wishes are granted.  For example, maybe you are praying for a sunny day because you plan to go to the beach.  But someone else, in another house, is on his knees praying for rain because the corn they are growing to make a living is dying from lack of rain.  God, who sees all and knows all, answers the prayer for rain and you think He didn’t answer your prayer and so you get in a huff against God.  God is the Lord of many people over all the earth, and He is wise enough to know when and how to answer your prayers.  Your sunny day will come, but in God’s timing, not always in yours.   So, I have learned through the years to just pray and trust God for the outcome.  I hope that you have learned that valuable lesson, too.  God is our refuge and shield and shows unfailing love to us, if we just let Him be God in our lives.

7 thoughts on “Let God Be God

  1. I often marvel at the faith of children. They remind me to have confidence in God and his will, that he knows what is best for us. I am reading a book by D. A. Carson on prayer and he talks about our prayers desiring what God desires. It is helping me to sift out my desires and attempt to align with God’s desires. Thanks for the post.

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  2. Sometimes I fall under the misconception that, if I start my day with God, if I am obedient, then I’ll have a “good” day. So that’s what I do every day, how I start out. Then I feel maligned by those close to me and I end up having a yucky day (yes, this is one of those days 😒). I chastise myself because it shouldn’t be that hard to grab hold of God’s grace and hang on, instead of harboring bitterness. I gave myself a time out today, and came to read stuff like your post. Thank you. 😊 You remind me that God is always with me, even when I’m pouty, and He gives me the strength so that, in my anger, I do not sin. And He refreshes me through people like you.

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  3. “Your sunny day will come, but in God’s timing, not always in yours. So, I have learned through the years to just pray and trust God for the outcome.”

    Amen! Absolutely!! Thanks so much for these encouraging words. Good stuff here!

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  4. I love this! His love is perfect towards us. Our faith, reliance and trust in Him is often predicated on the things we have experienced in life. I pray for child like faith as well. I also pray that I trust like a child without fear of being dropped because of trust in confidence of the parent holding us.
    I hope your grandgirl Evie is much better.

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