Prayer Requests

As the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 34, I have been young and now I am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken.  I call myself righteous because I am in right-standing with God through the blood of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing I could do or have ever done to merit God’s grace and mercy.  Jesus paid the price for me on the cross, so I know that God considers me righteous.  Based on that premise, I come before the Lord and have prayer requests for Him that I am sharing with you, my faithful readers.  I hope that you will join me in prayer for these individuals and for our nations.  1)We have a loving, kind, elderly gentleman in our church named William who was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer in his colon and liver.  He is having surgery this Thursday for an aneurysm in his abdomen.  Please pray for  the surgery to be successful and for William to be healed.  2)Bob, another elderly man in our church is having difficulty with his lungs and breathing.  He has congestive heart failure.  He, too, needs a touch from the Lord.  3)Walt, a member of our church had a stroke about two months ago and is still in a nursing home, without any use of his right side or the ability to speak.  I had a stroke that affected the same things, paralysis of my right side and loss of speech, so I know what he is going through.  The difference is that I got a clot-busting shot and recovered fully.  Walt is not doing well, and since I know that God is no respecter of persons, I am asking for God to touch Walt just as He touched me.  4)Bobby, a former member of our church, moved to be closer to a medical center at which he could get the care he needed.  He has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Again, I have experience with this diagnosis since my beloved grandfather died from brain cancer some twenty years ago.  So, Bobby, like my other church friends, needs prayer and a miracle.  I am trusting that you will join me in praying for these dear men who have served the Lord well and who have family members who cherish them.  5)Pray for our nations, no matter where you are from.  We need Godly leaders who will make wise and right choices for the country and its people.  We need leaders who will lead in a manner that will help people to turn back to the Lord.  Please pray, knowing that God instructs us in His word to pray for our leaders.

I look forward to sharing in the coming weeks and months the answers to these prayers that I am requesting.  God is good, and He hears our prayers.  I know that His answer can be Yes, No or Wait.  So, I am waiting for the Lord to answer, and I hope that you will wait with me.  God bless you for reading this and for your earnest prayers.

5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Oh Sis. I am certainly praying for God to heal and mend every broken heart. The pain in this world truly saddens my heart but I believe that we serve a God who is all powerful🙏🏾

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