God’s Provision

135AAACB-A5CD-4CB0-9AD1-3C2CB3FB249A.jpegWhen you ask God for anything, it is important that you believe that you will receive it.  And why should you ask for wisdom?  Joyce Meyer says, “Wisdom helps us make choices now that we will be happy with later.”  Your future depends on the choices you make today, so ask God for the wisdom that you need to have the future that He wants you to have.

Just as God provides wisdom when we ask, He also provides for our physical needs.  If He can get water from a rock for Moses and the Israelites and feed Elijah with a raven, don’t you think that He can take care of our physical needs, too?  God does not  think that Moses or Elijah is more important and deserves more than you and I.  That is why He keeps His promises and provides for us.  Now, back to the first scripture:  we have to believe in order to receive and we have to use wisdom in what we ask God to provide.  I mean, let’s face it, a big house with a beautiful garden and a nice luxury car in the garage would be nice.  But, is that what God wants for me?  He wants me to be content with what He provides, no matter what it is.  When my husband and I attended YWAM for a year, the food there was atrocious!  For example, we called the soup “chicken fly soup” because the chicken may have flown over the soup but there was no actual chicken in it.  But you know what?  We were thankful for the soup and other provisions that we had there because each day our spirit was being filled with truth from God’s Word.  The food did nourish us physically, and it kept us strong enough to listen attentively to the lectures that day about God and His love for us and the world.  Are you asking God for wisdom and then for His provision?  Be wise and prioritize your prayers so you are lining them up with God’s will for you.  Trust Him!  He loves you and will not disappoint you.

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