Peace and Chaos



I have to confess that I have not felt much peace this week. Our electricity keeps going off, sometimes for hours and sometimes for only a second or a minute.  Regardless, it is worrisome because it is so hot here in Virginia and I am asthmatic and need the air conditioning.  Which brings up another problem—our AC unit is very old and not working well.  Of course, we don’t have the money to replace it, so we put a asmall window unit in our bedroom so that it is cool enough to sleep.  The den, the room in which I stay most of the time, gets up to the 80’s most days.  Uncomfortable, yes, but I have been making do.  Next, my husband is taking his annual trip to his brother’s and will be gone for four days.  What’s the problem you may ask. Well, I am very spoiled and used to having him here to take care of me, especially since I had my stroke.  I have a special diet and he does all of the cooking for me.  Normally, I go somewhere when he is gone, like my daughter’s house (she is out of town now for a gymnastics competition) or to my sister’s condo which is a close drive away.  Well, there is another issue.  My sister told me this week that my husband and I are not welcome anywhere near her.  Her birthday is this week and I had called about when I could get her gifts to her.  She doesn’t want any gifts from me because I am a conservative, believe in pro-life and have a “holier than thou” attitude (all according to her).  Besides, my husband wrote something on Facebook that offended her.  So, after sobbing and praying for hours because my sister and I have been close for years, I accepted her mandate and determined just to save her gifts.  Finally, my grandchildren will be spending the next two weeks with us while their dad teaches summer school.  It’s a blessing to have them here, but it is also a stresser because my darling granddaughter is autistic and non-verbal.  I have to keep her from getting frustrated and biting herself since her favorite person in the whole world (my husband) will be gone for four days of her visit.  Also, she wanders during the night and turns on all the lights in the whole house.  And a friend from church is coming to stay with me so I won’t be alone.  It’s the only way my husband will leave me; he is good and caring and concerned about leaving me totally on my own.  I hope that Maribel can adjust to Iris’s insistence that the TV and lights stay on 24-7.  So, lots of worries, but nothing God can’t handle.  I think that is why He gave me this Scripture this morning.  And He gave me another one that is equally helpful.

2B4D19DC-AD5F-4C23-BECC-9F77A585C756.jpegSo I am holding on to these promises this week.  I hope that you, my faithful readers and believers in the goodness of God, will join me in prayer for peace and that God will work everything out.  I know that He can and He will!  Do you know that God is working on the chaos that is your life?  Know Him and know His peace.

4 thoughts on “Peace and Chaos

  1. Leaning on that one scripture has gotten me through an AWFUL lot, and I’m sorry to hear about you and your sister, but I will join you in praying that God will change her heart and bring reconciliation. He’s able! And God bless your husband he sounds like a GREAT guy! What a blessing he must be to you! 🙂 have a blessed and wonderful day!

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  2. A scripture for you regarding peace
    “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬
    Keep your eyes fixed on God regardless. Praying for you.

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  3. I am praying for all this to be worked out so that you can enjoy peace. Chaos is not a stranger to anyone of us, and family members do things that we don’t understand. I am glad that you are clinging to God because he will fix it in his time. Enjoy your beautiful grandkids, caring husband and nice friend.

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