Sinners All

4101D0DF-D55D-4D90-98AF-FCB2BB950D27.jpegLest there be any confusion about my testimony, I want to unequivocally state that I am a sinner saved by grace.  When I was living in a little apartment in southeast Virginia, on my own for the first time, God saw my heart and my need and sent a neighbor to tell me the Good News about Jesus.  After reading the book of John through that night, I was convicted and saved of my sins.  No one led me through a sinner’s prayer; I just prayed for forgiveness and felt clean for the first time in my life.  Up until that time, I didn’t feel like I was a bad person.  I had never robbed, killed or done any of the awful things that you hear on the news all the time.  Nevertheless, I was and I am a sinner in need of God’s grace.  As I look around at all that is happening in the world, especially in the United States, I know that there are many who need to have knowledge of the Lord in order to be saved.

B7E2AC12-2DBB-4345-9696-64E7A5145ECA.jpegThis is the prayer for my nation, and perhaps it is the prayer for many for their nations.  God is the God our salvation and He can forgive our sins if we repent and call on His Name.  Therein lies the problem—the people need to repent but they don’t know that they need Jesus.  Just as I was going about my daily life doing my regular things and feeling pretty good about my own accomplishments, I, too, was unaware of a need for Jesus. Then, one day, a neighbor told me that Jesus would forgive my sins and offer me eternal life, and more than that, a relationship with the Father in Heaven.  From the moment of my eyes being opened to the salvation of the Lord, I was saved and I have not turned back from that road.  But there are many on the wrong path and that discourages me.  When I watch the news and see so many ungodly people doing ungodly things, I think to myself, “Lord, how did a Christian nation become so un-Christlike?”  In my prayer this morning, God seemed to answer me with another scripture.

8953E947-14AE-4806-9AAB-3832EE9C17D4.jpegGod reminded me that there are more on “our side” than what is on the side of evil.  He spoke to my heart that we are surrounded by chariots of fire, by God’s Holy Army of Angels, just waiting for His command to act.  Prayer changes things; it changes hearts.  And the change starts with me.  My attitude needs to be one of victory, of knowing that the Lord has this.  I need to continue living my life in a way that people will want to have the same thing I have.  I realized this morning during prayer that I have been living like we are already defeated and there is nothing that I could do. But we are an army of the Lord, facing new battles and challenges daily. We are called to continue following the Lord and fighting the good fight until He calls us home or He returns, whichever happens first. God hasn’t given up on our sinful nation and neither should we. Are you praying? God is even now sending an answer. Wait for it!

2 thoughts on “Sinners All

  1. “I need to continue living my life in a way that people will want to have the same thing I have.” Amen, and truth. This is how the LORD reaches more people than any other, I do believe. I also believe it is how people get closer to Him. I was talking with my mom about this about a week ago, and we agreed. Most people who are saved in their testimony say, “and I wanted that too” no matter what they are talking about, eventually you hear, “and I wanted that too” Wonderful post Vickie 🙂

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