God’s Love


6A6D39D8-A9AD-448E-A0DE-F814258B6BE6This was my meditation verse this morning.  My circumstances have been challenging lately, but God reminded me that His love is still there for me to rest upon.  One writer put it that His love is like a pillow.  I have a favorite pillow that I use each time I lie down.  It is comfortable and just seems to hold my head and neck in positions that allow me to sleep all night.  That is what God’s love is like…a pillow that I can just rest on and give up all of my problems.  I can just rest, knowing that God is faithful and His love will always be there for me.

0C64C30C-A099-4F93-AD10-DE69E247ED77.jpegSo, believing in God’s great love, I must then also believe that He is working on my behalf to make everything turn out okay.  He loves me so much that He wants good things for me.  This truth makes me ponder about how many times I have doubted God and basically said like a little child, “I can do it by myself.”  The Lord’s gentle response was that He would let me try, and then He held me when I failed and cried over my failure.  And He would always remind me that He is working out a plan in my life if I will just let Him.  He will always be there for me even when I am demanding to do things my way…He just knows a better way because of His great love for me.


I am one who likes to always be in control, so I don’t like it when circumstances are out of my control.  That has been the case lately, so I needed to be reminded of this scripture.  No circumstances can separate me from the love of God.  Not anything!  So, I can rest in His love and His reassurance to me, “Vickie, just rest.  I’ve got this.  I’m working on your behalf and I love you.”  That’s a big WOW from me.  The God who created the Universe loves me enough to tell me that He is taking care of the small details of my life.

BEDDBC19-FC03-43FE-9ED6-8440C219A193.jpegNow that I have been convinced once again of God’s love for me, what am I to do?  I am supposed to put His love for others into practice.  God doesn’t love me just so I can sit back on the pillow of His love and just recline until Jesus returns.  Nope!  He expects me to get busy sharing His love with others.  My blog is one way of doing that, but I also need to show love to all with whom I come in contact.  You know, there are a lot of needy people in the world who have never had the chance to hear about and receive the great love that is theirs freeely, just for believing in Christ.  So, as I go about my errands today, I am praying for the opportunity to share and bless others with the love of God.  That’s what matters…His love that never ends and that flows out from me to others.  God is so good!


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