Being Silent

D2EF582C-5F66-44E2-A7A0-78A2614A79F9.jpegOkay, so this is a hard topic for me to tackle, but it seems to be where God is leading me today.  I must first confess that I have a tendency to want to always put in my two cents, in person and online.  Well, God has been dealing with me about that lately.  Feelings have been hurt, there is a rift in the family and I am now listening to God’s still small voice when He tells me just to be quiet.  I am trusting that He is working to straighten everything out, but it is certainly hard to wait.

9147871A-2C17-4C75-9A78-93C63FB962AF.jpegSince I do not want to be considered a fool in the eyes of the Lord, I have been letting go of anger and bitterness and just letting God handle things. That means, for me, that I am not just telling everyone exactly what I think.  My grandmother used to call that “giving someone a piece of my mind.”  I’m at an age now when I need all the pieces of my mind, and I know after many years of experience that it means that I am  responsible not only for my words and actions but also for my thoughts.  So, once again, I am trusting God to work things out without my help.  In fact, in the past when I tried to help, it didn’t work out so well.  So, time to take a step back and see what God can do!

3D0B9FF8-70AA-40BE-8B00-6320062A1C2E.jpegThis is where I am now, choosing a path and the current path is one of silence and waiting.  I know that He is able!  I hope that wherever you are that you have come to the same conclusion that I have…God will show you the path to take if you just seek Him.  Have a blessed day and may the Lord direct your steps.

7 thoughts on “Being Silent

  1. Mum’s the word. 😊
    It’s taken me a LONG time to discern who is prompting when I want to say something – God, or my flesh. They have been equally strong.
    I hope, as I acquire God’s wisdom, that I’m also more obedient. I’m still practicing.

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  2. This is great, Vicki! Decisions seems to be a key theme for me this week. A friend called me and asked if I would be a sounding board for her upcoming decisions. Then my spouse and I came suddenly up on a huge decision with far too many variables. Each time my thought is the same—give it to the Lord and ask Him to lead. He knows best.


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