Praying for Israel

2D2F4EAA-404F-420A-93B5-AD2999D6F1D1.jpegThis is my meditation verse for the day;  praying for Israel.  This prayer is not something I take lightly.  Indeed, it is very serious.  Israel is being attacked by enemies from all sides.  That is their physical reality.  But the prayer I am referring to is for their salvation.  I want God to open their eyes to the reality that their Messiah has come and is ready to forgive them.  I hope that you will join me in this important prayer.  Israel is and has been God’s chosen from the time He chose Abraham.  As the people who make up the church of believers, it is our privilege to pray for God’s chosen.  Please pray for the people of Israel to be saved.  Paul prayed long ago; let us join our prayer with his and then wait expectantly for God to act and draw His people to salvation.


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