Arise, Shine

3A5959AA-D74A-4430-80D8-1AF7249A830F.jpegGod has spoken in His Word that we are to get up and shine for Him.  We are the light in the darkness of this world.  I was very upset yesterday that my son was happy about reading a children’s book about homosexual relationships to my three year old granddaughter.  In normalizing sin, we are making it as nothing.  But God still calls it sin.  I am reading an ARC of a book by Michael Youssef and he says the same thing.  The darkness is spreading because those of us who are the light are not doing our job.  We only really have one…to be the light that people need so that they can come out of the darkness.  In doing that, God’s glory is spread.  What is God’s glory?  His Son who died for us and now lives for us.  He set the standard.  It was never easy for Jesus to take a stand, but He did and so should we.  My son knows how I feel and says that I am “intolerant.”  I guess he is right; I don’t tolerate sin.  God called it sin, so I do, too.  Homosexuality is not another lifestyle; it is a rebellion against God.  It’s no greater or worse than other sins like lying or cheating or stealing.  God looks on all sins in the same way; man needs to repent and turn back to God.  But right now, there are many in our world living in darkness because that same world has called sin okay; it’s confusing to those who don’t read and believe God’s Word.  For those of us who believe and read consistently, it is easy to see the sin and call it what it is.  We need to stand boldly and proclaim the sin and the remedy, Jesus Christ.  Let’s arise and shine today as God’s great army of light, shining into the darkness so that many will know the truth and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

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