3-2-1 Quote Challenge

Thank you to Kathy Wire for choosing me to participate in this quote challenge that was created by A Guy Called Bloke at https://aguycalledbloke.blog.   It’s actually pretty cool and simple, and yet can be tough depending on the word of the day.  You choose 3 bloggers to write 2 quotes each, on 1 word given to them by you.  My topic of the day is:

E3205A66-FBED-4A93-924E-1A8A4D27090D.jpegThis is a perfect word for me because it is what I am constantly seeking in this world of chaos.  God has the perfect cure for all the chaos and He gave us the answer in His  Word.  Here are my two quotations:

851622FC-1D2E-4DEA-BCA9-AECCCE57ACF677E5DABB-9D82-4A66-9594-A9BAF2A78603There is so much truth in these simple words from the Lord that we need to take into our hearts and hold on to.  Just focusing on God keeps us in peace.  I know that this absolutely is true.  When I was riding in the ambulance after my stroke, I could not speak.  But I could pray silently, so that is what I did.  I focused on the Lord and felt His peace surround me, even as the fear of death enveloped me.  God’s presence was so totally calming to me that I knew that He was taking care of me.  When I got to the hospital and was diagnosed with a massive stroke, the neurologist told me that the TPA shot that they were giving me had about a 30% chance of working and a very high chance that it could kill me.  My husband and I prayed, along with our daughter on the phone, and we decided that the injection was my best option since without it I would always be paralyzed on my right side and without speech.  Well, I’m here to tell you that the Lord is good!  He gave me peace in the ICU, peace after I got home and had to change my whole diet as well as my A plus personality that was stressing me so much.  I worked for two more years after I had my stroke, in the same stressful environment, but with the knowledge that God had given me my life back as a gift and He wanted me to live in peace.  The peace that God gives cannot be understood by the world because it is not from the world; His peace is a supernatural knowing that no matter what happens, God is in control and will take care of me.  Life is scary, challenging and sometimes more than we can handle.  But there is nothing that will happen that God does not know about.  And, even, better, He is the God who created me so He can take care of it.  He will either remove the obstacles or help me through them or over them.  I certainly need this reminder now since my husband and I are facing some rather tough financial problems with repairs on a house that we rent in Pennsylvania.  Nevertheless, God is my peace, and I hope that He is yours.

Now, back to the challenge.  I choose the following bloggers to participate:




These nominations are completely optional, no obligation.  It is my pleasure to nominate you since I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs.

The word for the quote is:



9 thoughts on “3-2-1 Quote Challenge

  1. Great verses Vickie! Praise God for His comforting peace. The women I talked about in my challenge had a stroke two years ago and I will admit I was scared to death for her. I prayed for her on the 2 hour drive to the hospital. It was more for her than me, of course, because she was already going through so much after losing her son a few years before this. When I got to see her, she looked at me and said God’s got this, I’m ok. Thank you for praying I could feel them. All with a smile on her face that could only come from God. Then God gave me peace over the situation.

    Amazing what prayer can do. It gives us hope, peace, freedom, love for others, forgiveness, our sanity at times. All we have to do is ask.

    Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing your words of God’s Providence, and of your faith in Him to sustain you. You bless me with all of the things that you write. Please continue with your written blessings for the many people that may never meet you, “until Glory.”

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