Our Neighbor

God is bringing to my mind the Scriptures about loving your neighbor, and He is also relating it to how we are treating people who disagree with us politically.  That is most evident in the United States right now, with what seems to be constant violence and rebellion against the government.

97B77829-EE5C-4D66-8D3C-22BB5CAD2FDC.jpegIf God has established our government, then we are subject to it, whether we agree or not.  Christians don’t spit on people, curse people, push or punch or set cars on fire when we don’t agree with what the government is doing. Martin Luther King, Jr. was our model for peaceful demonstrations.  What is happening today in America is a disgrace and a sign of the end times…rebellion everywhere with no desire to listen to what the “other side” says.  My stand is that I don’t agree with everything our government does, but I will pray for our leaders daily, that they will have wisdom and God’s grace to lead us.  I consider our government leaders a neighbor, albeit distant ones.  And as such, Jesus has already told us how to treat our neighbors.

F21A7EE7-9D60-40EA-AA3F-27BA4B3A0B8F176FF9F8-727B-4554-AE00-9A5F0C6FEBD5I have a real split in my family right now because of this whole political thing.  One of my siblings won’t speak to me at all because I support the President.  Well, honestly, I support him because I agree with a lot of what He is doing.  But, then, I also supported Obama and I disagreed with a lot of what he did.  So, how can I support both men?  Because they are God’s servants and my neighbors.  So, I pray for them, even when they do things that I totally disagree with.  I am not the leader that God has put in control.  I am, however, affected by what our local, state and national government leaders do, so I pray for all of them.  In my humble opinion, that is what all of us should be doing.  The rhetoric from the media is divisive and we are supposed to be united.  Our unity comes from God, so perhaps we should listen to what He is telling us to do and not just decide on our own that because we don’t like what someone is doing, we are going to rebel or support rebellion.  God wants us to love…even those whom we consider not worthy of our love.  I show my love by praying.  I hope that you will do the same.

8 thoughts on “Our Neighbor

  1. Amen! I agree with you Vickie! I pray for all the presidents, minsters, etc all around the world and also in my country as well. I mean I don’t agree with everything that they do or say, but yet again as you said they are our neighbours. And what does God wants us to do with our neighbours? Love them. Cause he first loved us. He still does! Blessings and Peace!

    Great post, one for me to ponder on.

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    1. Exactly what you said Tammy! I don’t believe every leader is chosen by God. God gives us what we want and honour our free which we exercise through the voting system. I think when it comes to politics many behave as kids. We all cannot like the same person and that is fine. But we all need to come together and pray for whoever is there so they can rule well. If there is peace with those who are in power, we will have peace too.

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