God is Eternal

God doesn’t change.  He is eternal.  He made the whole world and He thought the world needed one of me in it.  Humbling thought, isn’t it?  So, why do we walk though life afraid of what may be around the next corner?  Who is the author of this fear?  Well, for sure, it isn’t God! He wants us to live in total surrender to Him, knowing that He can take care of whatever obstacles we face.  That kind of faith is easier said than done.  It means taking steps daily to believe and know that God is our greatest defender.  He is on our side; He is our anchor and our strength.  His love for us never fails, no matter how many times we turn away and seek help from other sources.  He is our gentle Father, calling us to remember what He has done for us and what He can do for us.  God is eternal:  He has always been and He will always be, long after I cease to walk on the earth.  I can trust Him.

77ED9630-4DA1-47C8-8202-909E0B2F01E3.jpegWe sometimes need to be reminded that God is absolutely eternal and He is not going anywhere.  He lives inside us through His Holy Spirit, so His presence is as close to us as our next breath.  Our God is an awesome God who loves us so much that He had a plan for our salvation; His Son bled and died for us so that we can have God with us daily, in spite of our sinful nature.  Likewise, God has a solution for all of our problems and all of the enemies we may face in this life.

78C17678-1547-4BCC-B439-0CC6EFD0BED2.jpegWe may be surrounded by enemies…fear, financial problems, failure, whatever is coming our way.  Stop what you are doing.  Pray to God just as David did and ask Him what He wants you to do about the problem.  God has already conquered all of our enemies.  We just need to hear His voice telling us to go forward, that He is with us.  So many times, we are waiting in the valley of despair for God to speak to us, and He already has.  He has already told us to move into the light of His love and to see our victory that He has already won for us.  We get so busy making our own plans to get out of our problems that we don’t seek God and His solution.  I am encouraging you today, just as I encourage myself, to take the problem to God and ask Him to point you in the way you should go, the road to victory.  God is eternal, and He is our Father and our Lord who gives us the victory!  Hallelujah!  Let His Name be praised!

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