Honoring Those Who Serve

I missed writing my blog yesterday, but I was traveling to and attending the funeral of a friend from church, a funeral service with full military honors.  As the wife of a retired military member, you would think that I would have attended many such services in the past.  Well, I hadn’t and this experience was so heart-wrenching for me.  You see, my father was a military veteran.  He passed away in a VA hospice last July; my brother got the flag that is presented to survivors and he also has my father’s ashes.  There has never been a memorial service for my father.  The plan was for all of us to get together this past spring, go to sea and bury him, per his final wishes.  That plan quickly fell apart when one sibling moved, another refuses to go any where more distant that an hour away from her home; finally, there is the issue of siblings just not speaking to each other.  For whatever reason, I never got to say a final good-bye to my father, at least not at a memorial service honoring him.  Needless to say, yesterday was hard for me.  As I saw the flag presented to the grieving widow, I pictured in my mind a flag being given to my brother.  As I heard taps, I pictured my father’s face and began to sob.  I was crying for Bobby, but also for my daddy who did not get such a service but deserved one.  Yesterday represented the kind of closure that I needed.  I even got to share with one of Bobby’s sons how and why the ceremony was so moving to me.  So, today, I am sharing “Taps” with you and a Scripture to give hope of seeing loved ones again.  God is always merciful; He is always loving and He always knows just what we need.  I needed yesterday.


May Bobby and daddy Rest In Peace.  I know that they are with the Father and Death has no hold on them.

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