Rejoicing Always

B549DD0C-B06D-432A-A542-832C551D3167.jpegWhat does it mean to always rejoice?  As I meditated on this during my morning devotions, God pointed me to other Scriptures that opened my eyes to His great goodness, grace and mercy for me…but mostly to His great love.

20726C3A-2A01-4A55-94B1-687CD859674C.jpegEvery day that I wake up is a new gift from God.  His love has never failed me; He has always been there for me, just as He will be for you.  He provides for me physically, in that there is always food to eat and water to drink.  But, more importantly, He provides for me spiritually with the life-giving water and food from His Word.  Being satisfied with the good things that He has provided is a cause for rejoicing!  God desires to fill all of us with His Word that gives everlasting life. 

4F8FD745-6F3D-4177-8B45-7270E6365439.jpegYesterday, I shared how fearful I have been of dying.  This Scripture is God’s answer to me today.  I am flourishing now, here on earth and one day I will flourish in the courts of God.  I am well past the age at which I could have children, but I can still produce fruit for God’s kingdom by sharing His message wherever I go and with whatever means I have.  I am vital…I am necessary right now.  I have a purpose to live, because God says that I do.  I am living and able to share His Word and His great love for the world.  It just so happens that green is and has always been my favorite color, so I like that God says that I will remain green.  That represents LIFE!  I am living my days for the Lord and I want to bring as many others along with me as I can.  That is my purpose and will ultimately lead to my fruitfulness.

26A2A8BD-00C7-42C3-9E2C-57480B994B72.jpegPhoto courtesy of Laurie Conklin, an online friend and THE BIBLE LENS APP

So, as I go forth to fulfill my purpose each day, this is God’s promise to me.  He is always watching over me and will be with me forever.  Do you need that promise in your life?  God is no respecter of persons and all the promises that He has given to me are for you, too.  Just ask Him into your heart and expect Him to come in because you invited Him in.  It’s your choice…and it leads to a vital life on earth and an eternity with Him.  

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