Good Morning!

Every day is a good day to acknowledge and praise the Lord!  That is what God reminded me of this morning.  He is leading me daily on the path He wants me to choose, so I choose to be content on this path and thank him for a new day.


It is a hard day to rejoice, but I am depending on God to get my daughter and her sweet children through it.  She has five living children and one who went to Heaven on this date three years ago.  Little Tessa Serenity is remembered and loved by her mama, her daddy and all of her siblings.  I have ten grandchildren, and one of them is with the angels in Heaven.  Do you grieve with hope as I do?  I know that one day I will get to hold this little one and give her all the love that I missed giving her on earth.  If you need this hope, then turn to the Lord who gives life, love and joy to all who will call on His Name and turn to Him as their Savior.  I will live with Him forever, and I hope that is your choice, too.  I want to meet you in Heaven!

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