One Word to Describe Me

I am participating in a challenge established by Sarah Elizabeth Moore. Today’s challenge is to choose one word to describe myself.  I choose:

4D094A7D-0E25-4A3A-848C-380A3378D411I am blessed beyond belief.  I am alive.  I am well, and I am blessed.  I thank God for sparing my life when I had a stroke on January 23, 2015.  I thank God that I have had three beautiful grandchildren added to the family since my stroke.  I thank God that I got my new kitty on my birthday in 2016.  I am blessed.  Today is the day of my birth, and I want to celebrate it giving thanks to God for all of His goodness.  Are there bad things in my life?  Yes, of course!  But I choose to focus on the positive things.  I am blessed to be writing this because after my stroke, I had difficulty with words and language.  I still have problems remembering words sometimes, especially if I am tired, but I am blessed because I can read, write and speak again.

I am blessed by the Lord who made Heaven and earth…and Me!  I have believed in the Lord and His goodness, so I am blessed.  I trust in the Lord, so I am blessed.  I am claiming the Deuteronomy promise now and from this day forward.  I am blessed and I will be blessed.  For now, what I have is enough.  It’s enough for feel the Lord’s love and care for me.  And He has given me so much more!  Here are my blessings that the Lord has given me in my old age:

92ACDFAD-EC87-455A-881E-2DFF3D72F8E1.jpegMy beloved grandchildren in a collage created by my daughter for my birthday.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I love them so much that my heart cries to be with them every day!  But I will be satisfied for when I can be with them.  Little Iris, the girl on the swing, is with us for another week and a half.  I will see Hope’s children in September and Steven’s two little darlings in October.  I see Scott and his children as often as his work schedule will allow, as he lives only about an hour away.  What a blessing they all are to me!  And I would not know this joy if God had not restored me to health after my stroke.   I am blessed!  I hope that you are, too.  In your comments, please share your blessings with me.  That would be such a special birthday gift, to know that my online friends are also counting their blessings.  Love to you all.

13 thoughts on “One Word to Describe Me


    Happy birthday Vickie! Your grandchildren are beautiful. Your one word choice is so fitting and I would like to say that if many of us would view our lives the same as you do we can find many many many blessings so long as we look for them rather than complaining about what we do not have. Thank you for this beautiful post on your special day!

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  2. These definitions accompany “blessed” in the dictionary:
    consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified; divinely or supremely favored; fortunate; blissfully happy or contented; bringing happiness and thankfulness
    They seem all to apply to YOU! Thank you for bringing to us the happiness, thankfulness, contentedness, that God has brought to you through His holy sanctification.
    Happy birthday Vickie!
    My greatest blessings are as yours: my family.

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  3. Lee Poskey

    Happy birthday Vicklea!
    I appreciate your zeal for what God has given to you.
    And I can relate to your love for your grandchildren.
    I made a wreck of my life and others before I was saved. And my biological children wanted nothing to do with me and haven’t talked to me in years.


    We legally adopted our granddaughter who is 3.
    And I have a fresh chance to be dad.

    Thanks to God is an understatement.

    God bless you!😊

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