Favorite Toy as a Child

I think that everyone has a lot of good memories of childhood.  After my stroke, I have a few memories that I can call on, and one of them is my favorite toy.  I used to play this game daily, alone or with my sister or with friends.  I wasn’t great at it, but I was good enough that it didn’t embarrass me to play with others.  Today, I look back and know that the game required a little dexterity, so I’m pretty happy that I could play it at all.  It could be an outdoor game, played on our front porch, or an indoor game, on the kitchen floor.  We had to have a hard surface to play so that the ball bounced straight up and we could catch it.  I have since tried to play the game with my grandddaughters and I’m not very good at it now.  Arthritis in the hands has a tendency to make it difficult to move your fingers quickly enough for this game.  But I am delighted that my grandchildren have this fun and cheap tool for entertainment and they still play it.  Bounce, pick up; bounce, pick up, repeat.  What game is it? Jacks!   Did you have one?  Do your children play it?  You can still buy a set on Amazon, pictured below.


6 thoughts on “Favorite Toy as a Child

  1. Lee Poskey

    Sure, I remember jacks.
    But the funny thing is, (just as I used to love playing “go fish” and “Chinese checkers” )

    I don’t remember the rules of the game of any of them.

    Thank you for sharing your kindness, and for sharing this memory with us. 😊

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