Keep on Keepin’ On

The title that I am using today is what an elderly pastor in South Carolina used to say to us.  It was his instructions for when the times got hard.  Well, I have to say that when I hear the news and read the headlines, I am discouraged by all of the evil in the world.  A young college student attacked and killed when she was jogging, a mother kills her infant, a father kills his entire family.  The world has gone crazy!  What is God’s instruction for me?  I am to “keep on keepin’ on”, doing what I have been doing:  telling others about Jesus and His free gift of salvation, praising, and praying.


Do you see the word ALWAYS in this scripture verse?  Always does not mean sometimes or just when we are feeling like it, or even when things are going well in the world.  We are always to be faithful and have a heart totally dedicated to God.  We are here to fulfill a purpose.  God knows the big picture.  Don’t you think that He is concerned about what is going on in the earth?  I know that He is because He created us and doesn’t want us to destroy each other.  One of His commandments was “Thou shalt not murder.”  He knows the hearts of men are evil so He instructed us how to follow His way and His plan.  His way leads to life; choosing your own way leads to death and destruction.  Many in our world have chosen to go their own way, so there is chaos all around us, death and destruction.  However, their doing bad does not eliminate God’s instructions for us to serve Him faithfully and with a whole heart.  He knew that we would get discouraged at times and sends words to encourage us.

We are to stand firm and keep on working for Him.  What we do for Him is eternal.  How do you stand firm when all around you there is chaos?  Sometimes, I don’t really know the answer, but I do know that He said to stand firm.  It is God’s way of saying to “keep on keepin’ on.”  We are not to be distracted by what is happening in the world.  Politics, murders, gangs…they will still be there when we arise from our prayer and Bible reading time, but we will be stronger and more able to stand firm for Him, no matter what is happening in the world.  


So, as I meditate this morning, God speaks and tells me that God is with me.  He will be with me in the bad times when the news on the media overwhelms me.  God has not changed.  He is the Mighty Warrior who saves.  I pull that truth deep into my soul and I praise His Name, knowing that all is not lost because He still saves.  The Good News is still true.  The innocents who are killed are resting in the arms of the Mighty Warrior, and the evil in this world will one day be totally destroyed.  I will probably not live to see the return of the Lord and His victory over sin in this world, but I have lived long enough to proclaim the truth of His love and victory over the evil that is so prevalent in the world.   I am one person; I cannot do all things, but I can do one thing.  I can “keep on keepin’ on” until the Lord calls me home or until His glorious return.    I have read the end of the Book and we win!  Do you want to be on the winning side?  Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today!  Then,  you can work for the winning side…the side of the Mighty Warrior, the One who will help you to stand firm.  

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