Do Your Best


I am so happy that God does not expect me to be perfect.  He only expects me to do my best.  That’s a phrase that I am very familiar with since I used to have anxiety attacks before tests in high school and college.  Parents and friends always just admonished me to do my best.  I expected perfection from myself, and therein lay the problem.  God wants me to live each day doing my best.  How do I do that?  I study His Word and pray daily.  I start my day each morning with a devotional.  I look for ways to help others and to tell them about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us.  Some days are better than others because I have a tendency to get easily frustrated, especially with my spouse who is a laid-back, relaxed kind of person.  I am an intense, A-type personality, so I fall easily into my old self, angry and unable to accept change.  God’s desire for me (and for you)  is to be a worker for Him.  We are His representatives of His Word here on the earth.  We are the walking, talking, Word of God that other people see.  Whoa!  That is a difficult thing to consider, but it is the truth.  And in our ambassadorship, God expects us to do our best.  He isn’t asking for perfect people; He is requiring that we do our best to represent Him.  So, go out and shine for God today!  Do your best to be His worker and to rightly represent the truth in His Word!  Let other people see the living Word in you so that they will want what you have.  I’m not perfect, but I am under construction and I am going to do my best not to thwart God’s plan but to promote it.  I pray that my readers will be encouraged to do likewise.  


5 thoughts on “Do Your Best

  1. We have a hard enough time living up to our own expectations – we simply cannot expect others to live up to our expectations for them. Yet, we do! Such fickle humans we are. Thank God for His immeasurable love, patience, goodness, kindness… 😊
    I often think God is just telling us to lay down our expectations altogether and look at Him.

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