The Importance of God’s Word

As an avid reader of books since I was a young child, I have discovered treasure in the book known as the Holy Bible. It is my “go to” book for advice, comfort and acceptance. It is always there for me, and now that we have technology, I can read the Bible in all kinds of different versions. I am currently reading the Bible through in a year, using the New Living Testament. Last year, I read the NIV and the year before that the KJV. I tried reading The Message Version of the Bible, but I really didn’t like the way the words were so different from what I was accustomed to. My pastor frequently uses the ESV, so I may try that one next year. No matter the version that I am reading and studying, I believe that it is very important that we read and study God’s Word daily.

I read a lot of books (over 200 this year so far), but only the Bible is eternal. It was there long before I was born and it will continue to be there for the generations that follow me. Jesus referred to the Old Testament over and over again, appealing to the Jewish people with whom He was trying to relate. We who live in this age have a new covenant and the New Testament, the words and truth that give our lives meaning and purpose. We were created to serve our Creator and to tell others of His great love. What a privilege and honor to share the truth of God’s Word with those who have not heard it or believed it yet!

God’s Word is practical and useful for everyday life, with all of its struggles. His Word is not just a nice story put on paper. God inspired His Word to be written just as it is. What a wonder! And God uses it to teach us, rebuke us, correct us and train us to be righteous. I am working on being more like Jesus. That means that I need more of God inside me every day. God’s Word is the tool, the big machinery, the crew boss of my efforts to rebuild my life so that it is Jesus that others see in me. God wants to give us the tools to help others. Those tools are in God’s Word. No matter what I face each day, I can go to God’s Word to find the answer. God has already provided all of the answers to life’s questions. They are in His Word…open it and find the truth and instructions that He has for your life.

A few years ago, my husband and I bought a new car. Actually, it was new to us, but it was two years old at the time. Anyway, we drove it away and in a few months, a warning light came on the dashboard. Unfortunately, the flashing yellow light did not tell me instantly what I needed to do to remedy the problem. What did I do? I opened the glove compartment, took out the owner’s manual and read what the light meant (the tire needed air) so that I was able to correct the problem. I have heard people express the opinion that babies don’t come with an owner’s manual, so parents do the best they can. I don’t agree with that statement because I think that the owner’s manual for each new person who comes into the world is the Holy Bible. God is our owner and He has provided the manual; it tells us how to raise our children and how to live our own lives so that we become the people that He means us to be. Taking out your Bible should be the natural response to any warning lights in your life because it is the Owner’s manual. After all, we are His and He knows what is best for us. “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1 NIV).

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